Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Best Makeup Wipes

Hey beauties!  Happy New Year!  I apologize for making you wait so long for another posting.  But it's back to business now and I'll try my best to post more consistently this new year.

Ranking of makeup wipes:

7.) Forever 21- You know the saying "You get what you pay for"?  Well, this holds true with these wipes from F21.
6.) Pond's- You'd think the brand name wipe would hold the title for best wipe over its generic counterparts, but it does not.  These wipes are rough and dry.  Two things you don't want in a makeup wipe.  I couldn't wait for my package to be empty so that I could open up another package of Equate wipes.
5.) Kirkland (Costco)- These and the Up and Up wipes are actually tied.  They are both basic, moist wipes that work well.  I guess I placed these in 4th place because they cost more than Up and Ups, however you get a lot.  I'll let you know which value is better, but I'm guessing it'll be Kirkland.
4.) Up and Up (Target)- Basic wipes that will get the job done. 
3.) Neutrogena- Specifically the makeup removing wipes in the light blue package.  I LOVE these wipes, they're soft, smell nice, and remove makeup well.  The one thing that I love about them that some of you may not agree with me about is that these wipes leave your face feeling moist, and even a little greasy, after using them.  If you have oily skin, you may not want this.  For those with drier skin (like me) may probably desire this.  This was the only wipe that I have ever wiped my face clean with for the night and not had to wash my face after!  The downfall about this wipe is that it is a little pricey for being a drugstore wipe.  I think 25 wipes go for about $6.  I think that's ridic.  Which is why I only buy these when they're on sale and when I have a coupon for them.
2.) MAC- I love these wipes too.  The downfalls of these wipes are that they are a little small, or rather a weird rectangle shape and they cost waaaay to much.  If you do end up splurging for these wipes, don't forget to save the packaging when you're through with them.  They count for recycling through MAC's recycling program!
1. Equate (Walmart)- And the winner is...  Equate!  These wipes are simply wonderful.  They are consistently moist, take off all of my makeup (even the stubborn type), and are also the best value!  120 wipes (2 packages) cost $6!  These wipes come with zero downfalls.  I'm so happy to have found them.  Hope they bring you happiness too!  =)

A tip for all makeup wipes- Store your package upside down!  It keeps your first/next makeup wipe the moist-est for ease of makeup removal.  Thanks for spending some time with me!  Love you! 


  1. ooh gonna have check out equate! thanks for the tip! i've been using neutrogena (i'm a neutrogena everything fan!) and buy mine at Nordstrom Rack... it's usually 50cents to $1 cheaper than the drugstores. What's your take on Ulta? they opened one recently close to home... have you done a store comparison yet on prices and variety of brands/products each carry? anyway... keep it up girl... love your beauty tips! xoxo

  2. Hi Ginz! =) Thanks for the tip on Nordstrom Rack and Neutrogena! As for Ulta, OMG, I actually could write a post just on Ulta because I LOVE ULTA! If you sign up for their free rewards program, you get points for every $1 you spend there. But it's not like Sephora's where you only get 1 point per $1, you get 4 points per $1, and every time they have a new mailer or newspaper ad, they have bonus points where you can get up to 20 points per $1 etc. And their rewards go from $$ off your next transaction, to free salon services, to free makeup! I feel like everytime I go in there, they tell me "you have enough points for $9 off your next transaction" or something! Not to mention, they have sales & coupons like a regular drugstore! Hahaha, can you tell how much I love them? Another reason why I love them is because they have such a wide variety of products from drugstore to high-end makeup, and hair supplies/tools. Check them out, I think you'll end up loving them too! Thank you so much for taking time to read and comment on my posts! =) *muah*