Friday, February 25, 2011

Make Up For Ever HD Primer vs. L'oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

Hello lovlies!  So, tonight I wanted to write a review about the two facial primers I tried and put to the test this week.  I think you are all going to be surprised by the results...

Drum roll please...  And the winner is...  L'oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base!  And it wasn't even a close call.  This drugstore primer is the [IMO] BEST PRIMER ON THE MARKET!  It costs about $11 and it is worth every single penny!

I've used it about 3 times this week, like so...  After washing, toning, and moisturizing, I use a small amount and smooth it lightly over my entire face with my fingertips.  A few minutes later, I apply my foundation (MAC Mineralize Foundation and/or MAC Studio Sculpt).  I usually get ready at about 7:30 am each morning and, here's the amazing part- when I arrived home each night around 7:30 pm, my makeup still looked and felt as though I had just applied it!  I could not believe it!  I literally looked in the mirror and smiled widely because I was so pleasantly pleased with this product!  (Thank you so much Anh for convincing me to buy one!)  I have normal to dry skin and this product is both not too drying or too greasy at all.  The consistency is like a dry cream (if that makes sense) and it makes your skin feel so velvety!  A magic perfecting base indeed!  You ALL should definitely try this product for yourselves!  5 stars.

As for Make Up For Ever HD Primer (neutral) it just didn't impress me at all.  (I actually think this is worse than MAC's Prep & Prime foundation primer- which happens to be one MAC product that I do not like.)  MUFE's primer did nothing to make my skin feel smooth or help my foundation to last.  Thank goodness I got this as a deluxe sample only.  It sells for $32 a bottle and I do not think it is worth that much.  The one good thing about this primer is that is smells wonderful.  Maybe I'll wear it alone one day and hope people can smell it on me!  =)  2 stars.

As a disclaimer, I just want to say that this (and ALL of my other) opinions are just that- OPINIONS.  If you decide that you disagree with me or think I am totally crazy for what I post, I want you to let me know!  I am totally open minded and always want to know I'm using the absolute best products out there, so leave a comment, 'cause I want to know your opinions too!  Thanks!  Goodnight everyone!

Sneak Peek- Next post: Walgreens, Ulta & MAC Acquisitions.  Think "Lady Gaga".  =)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rock & Republic Makeup 75% off on today!

OMG it's couture makeup at drugstore prices!  If you aren't already a subscriber to you should definitely sign up!  It's free!  And every day they have new brands from which they offer fat discounts on!  Today I placed my first order on Rock & Republic (think high fashion denim co.) Makeup!  I ordered a powder, a lipgloss, and a mascara and paid only $30!  I would've spent $100 at retail price!  Yay for me!  I'll be sure to review the makeup as soon as it arrives!  Take care and ttysoon!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Recent Acquisitions- MAC and Drugstore =)

I decided that I should list my most recent makeup purchases here and give mini reviews on the items that I've already tried.  Enjoy!

MAC Wonder Woman Mineralize Skinfinish in Golden Lariat- LOVE this!  I love everything about it from the jumbo sized packaging to the trio of gorgeous colors inside!  I have used it twice this week and I feel gorgeous when I have it on!  I deepened the blush look with Prism yesterday and it worked really well.  5 stars.  (I plan on coming up with some type of rating system for products in the future.)

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass in Emancipation- This is a baby pink lipglass with a very slight shimmer.  Very cute, very girly.  In love with the packaging and jumbo size!  It's about twice as big as the regular lipglass and you know how sometimes things that are larger than their regular sizes seem cute?!  Hahaha, well that's the case with this!  4 stars, because I dislike how much product comes out on the wand, so make sure you open this product slowly.  Next purchase- same collection lipglass in Secret Identity, I really loved this color too!

MAC Cremestick liner in Sublime Culture and Lipstick in Cherish- Kim Kardashian's lip look achieved (with a little C-Thru lipglass).  5 stars.

MAC Blush in Buff- Love this color for an everyday medium nude/peachy cheek, however I sold it to a good friend of mine (Liza) who also fell in love with it.  I'll have to purchase another one later!  5 stars.

Maybelline FITme blush in Deep Nude and bronzer in Medium Bronze- They are buy one get one 50% off at my work (Walgreens) now through Saturday 02/26, so I couldn't resist.  The colors look very pretty though!  Matte with a tiny hint of shimmer.  Can't wait to try them!

Wet n Wild Megalash Mascara AND Clinical Serum in Very Black- this product was only $6.99 at my work too and it boasts that it will give you longer, thicker, fuller-looking lashes in just 4 weeks!  I cannot wait to see if this comes true, haha!  The price was definitely worth it anyhow!

Ardell Duralash Starter Kit lash extensions- Bought this at Target for $9.99 and it comes with enough lashes for me and Maribelle (my 14-year-old daughter) to try them out.  It states that these last for weeks on the package, so I'm hoping that this will be a very cheap alternative to going to the salon and spending $40+ on lash extensions.  We shall see!

I may be going a bit crazy with my makeup purchases right now because I am planning on giving up purchasing makeup for lent which begins on Ash Wednesday next month...  I am not Catholic, but I am Christian and I always give up something each year to show my Love for Jesus.  It'll be tough, but worth it.  Yay!

OK well thanks for reading again!  Goodnight!

This Background is SOOOO ME

I just had to comment that when I chose and saw this background up, I thought it was perfect because not only is it PINK, but also because it reminds me of a MAC Mineralize Blush Duo!  Hahaha!  Love it!  Byee!

Brands I ADORE

Since this is my first beauty blog, I thought it'd be fitting if I shared with you the brands that I adore the most so that you all know what I'm workin' with!  =)  I'll also list the products that I generally go running back to in these brands.

1. MAC- And not just 'cause it's the coolest brand either.  I have been a loyal MAC customer for 14 years now, so I can definitely attest to their quality products.  Must haves: EYESHADOW, BRUSHESlipglass, lipstick, lip pencil, foundation, all powders, blush, mascara, fluidline, moisturizer, face wash...  Let's just say, all of it!  (There are only a few products by MAC that I dislike and I will share those with you sometime in a later blog.)

2. Benefit- Another brand I've used for a LONG time.  Must haves: mascara, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, brow zings, moon beam, high beam. 

3. Nars- I just bought my first products from them and I am completely impressed!  Must haves: lipgloss, blush.

4. Flirt!- Exclusively at Kohl's, this brand will surprise you!  A well-kept secret gem, indeed!  I plan on dedicating an entire blog to it later!  Must haves: eyeshadow, eye liner, lipgloss, lipstick, lip pencil, any gift set ('cause they are such a great buy)!

4. Revlon- I stand behind the drugstore brands as well!  Revlon is actually the first makeup brand I ever used and I still use!  Must haves: makeup brushes, liquid eyeliner, powder bronzer, powder and liquid illuminator, tweezers.

5. Sephora Brand- Let it be known that when I want to try and save money on a certain item, I check out the Sephora Brand item most identical to it and most of the time I am satisfied!  Must haves: BRUSHES, lip pencil, powder.

6. Coastal Scents- I found out about this inexpensive makeup secret on YouTube and I am so ecstatic that I did!  Must haves: BRUSHES, eyeshadow palette, blush palette.

7. Sigma Beauty- I will confess that I do not own any Sigma brushes (yet) because I am set with the brushes that I currently own, BUT I have had the pleasure of ordering and using these amazing brushes, and if I ever do need to replace my brushes, I would certainly not think twice about ordering from them!  Must haves: BRUSHES.

These are just my top favorite brands of makeup and brushes.  Thinking about it now, I do have favorite PRODUCTS from other brands, which I plan to write about in another blog.  If you think I'm missing out on something wonderful, tell me about it!  What are YOUR ultimate favorite brands?!

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to everyone!  This page has been in the works a long time because I kept telling myself that I didn't have time to do it, but I just can't hold back any longer because I have SO MUCH that I want to share with you!  I do truly hope you enjoy reading what's on my mind and can share my appreciation for makeup and basically, all things beauty!  I urge you to share your tips with me as well!  I am always up for learning new things!  Well, *deep breath*, here I go...  Yay!  =)