Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Casual Lunch Date Look

Hey dolls!  Recently, I've been on this "cheap makeup" high and I wanted to do a look that incorporated some of these items.  The look I was going for was fun and casual.  I had a lunch date today with my old best friend from 5th grade and I wanted to look cute, but then my effort went to waste because he ended buying food and bringing it over to eat, hahaha.  OK, so here is the look in regular and close-up views.  (I hate these pics 'cause you can really, really see the scar above my lip, eeek!)

L'oreal Face Secrets Magic Perfecting Base (#1 best primer ever!  I have recently also tried UD's face primer and Smashbox's cult favorite face primer, but both DO NOT measure up to L'oreal's.)
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation NC40
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NC35
MAC Blush in Blushbaby (All-time fave blush color.)

E.L.F. Eyeshadow Pigments Trio ($2.99 at Ross!)
L'oreal Carbon Black Eyeliner Pen
L'oreal Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara (I love all of their Carbon Black products!)
Benefit Brows-a-go-go (This has been my go-to brow color as of late...)

Sally Girl Lip Gloss (83 cents at Sally, yes 83 cents!  I'm going to write a separate review about this and another cheapie gloss that I'm totally in love with right now.)

The colors on my eyelids are gold, cranberry, and smokey blue.  You can't really tell, but they were really cute together.  These 3 colors came in a set.  A primer is a must for these though because they're "sticking power" is not very strong.  Actually, I recommend using a primer every time you use any type of shadow.  Thanks for checking out my casual lunch date look.  Hope you like it!  Take care beauties!

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