Monday, February 21, 2011

Brands I ADORE

Since this is my first beauty blog, I thought it'd be fitting if I shared with you the brands that I adore the most so that you all know what I'm workin' with!  =)  I'll also list the products that I generally go running back to in these brands.

1. MAC- And not just 'cause it's the coolest brand either.  I have been a loyal MAC customer for 14 years now, so I can definitely attest to their quality products.  Must haves: EYESHADOW, BRUSHESlipglass, lipstick, lip pencil, foundation, all powders, blush, mascara, fluidline, moisturizer, face wash...  Let's just say, all of it!  (There are only a few products by MAC that I dislike and I will share those with you sometime in a later blog.)

2. Benefit- Another brand I've used for a LONG time.  Must haves: mascara, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, brow zings, moon beam, high beam. 

3. Nars- I just bought my first products from them and I am completely impressed!  Must haves: lipgloss, blush.

4. Flirt!- Exclusively at Kohl's, this brand will surprise you!  A well-kept secret gem, indeed!  I plan on dedicating an entire blog to it later!  Must haves: eyeshadow, eye liner, lipgloss, lipstick, lip pencil, any gift set ('cause they are such a great buy)!

4. Revlon- I stand behind the drugstore brands as well!  Revlon is actually the first makeup brand I ever used and I still use!  Must haves: makeup brushes, liquid eyeliner, powder bronzer, powder and liquid illuminator, tweezers.

5. Sephora Brand- Let it be known that when I want to try and save money on a certain item, I check out the Sephora Brand item most identical to it and most of the time I am satisfied!  Must haves: BRUSHES, lip pencil, powder.

6. Coastal Scents- I found out about this inexpensive makeup secret on YouTube and I am so ecstatic that I did!  Must haves: BRUSHES, eyeshadow palette, blush palette.

7. Sigma Beauty- I will confess that I do not own any Sigma brushes (yet) because I am set with the brushes that I currently own, BUT I have had the pleasure of ordering and using these amazing brushes, and if I ever do need to replace my brushes, I would certainly not think twice about ordering from them!  Must haves: BRUSHES.

These are just my top favorite brands of makeup and brushes.  Thinking about it now, I do have favorite PRODUCTS from other brands, which I plan to write about in another blog.  If you think I'm missing out on something wonderful, tell me about it!  What are YOUR ultimate favorite brands?!


  1. congrats on the new blog, theresa!
    i'm not a makeup guru by any means, but lately, i'm liking "my favorite lip balm" from c.o. bigelow. (link:
    and if i want a little color, i'll use the new chubby stick from clinique before applying the lip balm. (link:
    aside from clinique, my other favorite makeup brand is probably laura mercier. (here's a link to one of my most favorite products:
    i'm also obsessed with lush, but mostly just their bath products. :]

  2. @Amy Christine- Thanks for telling us about your faves! I also love C.O. Bigelow! I actually used to work at Bath & Body Works and so I had every single lip balm there! I still love their sugar scrub and use it every now and then! =) Thanks for the tip on Laura Mercier! I know she has high quality makeup as well and I really want to try some of her powders! I really should've added Clinique to the brands that I adore too, although I don't have any Clinique makeup, just skin care... My absolute favorite toner is their mild clarifying lotion- I cannot live without it! And love your LUSH addiction! You actually introduced me to it and I love you for it! Come back and share more anytime!