Monday, February 21, 2011

Recent Acquisitions- MAC and Drugstore =)

I decided that I should list my most recent makeup purchases here and give mini reviews on the items that I've already tried.  Enjoy!

MAC Wonder Woman Mineralize Skinfinish in Golden Lariat- LOVE this!  I love everything about it from the jumbo sized packaging to the trio of gorgeous colors inside!  I have used it twice this week and I feel gorgeous when I have it on!  I deepened the blush look with Prism yesterday and it worked really well.  5 stars.  (I plan on coming up with some type of rating system for products in the future.)

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass in Emancipation- This is a baby pink lipglass with a very slight shimmer.  Very cute, very girly.  In love with the packaging and jumbo size!  It's about twice as big as the regular lipglass and you know how sometimes things that are larger than their regular sizes seem cute?!  Hahaha, well that's the case with this!  4 stars, because I dislike how much product comes out on the wand, so make sure you open this product slowly.  Next purchase- same collection lipglass in Secret Identity, I really loved this color too!

MAC Cremestick liner in Sublime Culture and Lipstick in Cherish- Kim Kardashian's lip look achieved (with a little C-Thru lipglass).  5 stars.

MAC Blush in Buff- Love this color for an everyday medium nude/peachy cheek, however I sold it to a good friend of mine (Liza) who also fell in love with it.  I'll have to purchase another one later!  5 stars.

Maybelline FITme blush in Deep Nude and bronzer in Medium Bronze- They are buy one get one 50% off at my work (Walgreens) now through Saturday 02/26, so I couldn't resist.  The colors look very pretty though!  Matte with a tiny hint of shimmer.  Can't wait to try them!

Wet n Wild Megalash Mascara AND Clinical Serum in Very Black- this product was only $6.99 at my work too and it boasts that it will give you longer, thicker, fuller-looking lashes in just 4 weeks!  I cannot wait to see if this comes true, haha!  The price was definitely worth it anyhow!

Ardell Duralash Starter Kit lash extensions- Bought this at Target for $9.99 and it comes with enough lashes for me and Maribelle (my 14-year-old daughter) to try them out.  It states that these last for weeks on the package, so I'm hoping that this will be a very cheap alternative to going to the salon and spending $40+ on lash extensions.  We shall see!

I may be going a bit crazy with my makeup purchases right now because I am planning on giving up purchasing makeup for lent which begins on Ash Wednesday next month...  I am not Catholic, but I am Christian and I always give up something each year to show my Love for Jesus.  It'll be tough, but worth it.  Yay!

OK well thanks for reading again!  Goodnight!


  1. Sooo did u test the fit products let me know what u think......p.s I love love love ur blogs..... nice seeing u today

  2. ***Update*** I just applied the lash extensions on Maribelle and I must say that they are GORGEOUS! I only put 7 individual lashes on each of her eyes and they look sooooo natural! I am so excited to do mine (or have her help me with mine)! The next test is to see how long they last!

    @Monique- It was great seeing you today too! I haven't tried the products yet, but I will tomorrow and I'll tell you then! Oh, did you see that I finally bought that Wet n Wild Mascara & Serum kit? I'm really excited for that!

  3. ***Update*** The lash extensions that I applied on Maribelle were gorgeous however they only lasted her 1 night and 1 day. She ended up taking them off after school the very next day. I don't know if maybe it was because it was my first time applying them or what, but she said they were just falling off. I will still try them on myself when I find time and I will take very special care to keep them long lasting!

    FITme blush and bronzer in Deep Nude and Golden Tan (Medium Bronze)- LOVE THEM! These blushes were beautiful! The colors were so pretty! Great everyday blush! One word of advice would be to use a smaller, dense brush when applying these. The color payoff is better. For the bronzer, I would also like to try the Deep Bronze color just for a little darker bronzer. Other than that these blushes will not let you down. And at about $3 a pop (on sale right now thru Sat 03/05), you simply shouldn't pass these up! =)