Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beauty Quickie

I think I'm going to call all of my really short quick posts "Beauty Quickies"!  Cute, right?  And in these I'll just post really short and sweet reviews or acquisitions or tips as they come to mind!  I'm also thinking of posting by texts, but we'll see how those look.  OK well here's my first beauty quickie...

MAC Lady Gaga 2 lipstick and lipglass- Both are very nude and very brown.  Muddy actually, but pretty mud.  I always feel great when I buy a Viva Glam lipstick because 100% of the proceeds benefit the MAC Aids fund, so when I bought these I just thought of them as a gift that came with my donation!  =)  As for the colors, they are only OK.  I have to wear them with a liner that has more color to warm them up.  I tried and liked the MAC Spice lip pencil with them, but I basically filled in (almost) my entire lip (upper and lower) with it and then swiped the lipstick on and dabbed the lipglass on to finish.  If you love Lady Gaga and want to buy one of these, I would recommend the lipstick over the gloss.  JMO.  Beauty Mark: C+

{Beauty Mark definition: I figured that because I am a professional student (not just a student in professional school, but a professional at being a student, lmao) that it would make more sense if I rated products by giving them a beauty grade, or rather a "Beauty Mark", hee hee.  So cute, right?  I'll have to trademark it!}

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer Stick- 004 Medium.  Ooooh it has sparkles!  Hahaha, well kinda.  I love the texture of this concealer and love the yellow-ness of this shade.  It is true it does have a little shimmer in it, but that's only because it's supposed to make you look "photo ready" in any light.  Hey, I'm down with that.  Beauty Mark: A-

MAC Cremesheen Glass- Richer, Lusher.  Very cute coral shade for spring/summer.  Falling in love more and more with the Cremesheen formula, which is super moisturizing and super comfortable.  Can't wait to wear this to my IPPE tomorrow!  =)  Beauty Mark: A


  1. Have u try the photo ready compact???? Or the liquid or powder??? I want to try the compact!! =).....I love compact makeup more then liquid or powder

  2. @Monique- I have not tried the compact foundation yet, BUT, oh girl you're going to love this... I went to Walgreens in Vallejo yesterday and you know how we have those Revlon bonus packs? Well, they had one for the translucent power + blush AND then had one with the compact foundation + the stick concealer! So of course I bought them at $3 off each, plus BOGO, plus with the $1 off coupons... Grand total $12 for 4 products! I'm still coming in to see you tmrw, so if you want me to pick them up for you on Saturday when I head to school, let me know!

  3. O that is an awsome deal sweet....umm I will let u know see u tomorroe