Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Shop for Cosmetics Online

Hey pretty girls!  Or should I say pretty people?!  =)  I just wanted to give you all a really quick browsing tip that I use when I shop for cosmetics online (which is OFTEN), that actually will work for basically anything that you're shopping for online!  First off, make sure you're browsing on a site that has purchaser ratings ie. or, then instead of just reading the reviews the way they are automatically listed, change the review rating sort order from "low to high".  By doing this, you'll get to read the reviews from the people who didn't like the product and why they didn't like it.  Those reviewers may dislike a product for the exact reason why you're looking for it, which would help you tremendously in deciding whether to buy it or not.  I ALWAYS use this technique and I find that it does deter me from adding things to my basket and I like that.  Because, think about it, if you only read the highest reviews on a product (which are the ones that are usually listed first) then you're going to get a biased opinion given by only the people who loved the product.  I say, read a few bad reviews, get an honest opinion, then read a few good reviews and make your decision.  You'll be happier with your purchases, I'm sure!  =)

P.S.  I just thought about this and you really don't even have to use this technique just for shopping/buying online.  You could do your research online and then head to the store and buy it instantly if you want!  =)  For drugstore products,,, and all offer online ratings.  Happy Shopping!

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