Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Skin (& Life) Changing Lotion

Hello beauties!  I've missed you!  I guess I should've mentioned before about what the frequency of my blogs would be during my block exams.  Pretty much non-existent, as you have now experienced.  But, I will say that once blocks are over, it's Beauty time!  =)

OK, so first I wanted to announce that if you are love Benefit's brow bar @ Macy's Sun Valley, they are offering FREE brow waxes ($20 value) this Saturday with every $50 purchase!  I bet you can imagine how I felt when I told the lovely gal from Benefit who called me to book me for this event that I couldn't make it.  =(  If you can attend, however, I would call them now to reserve your spot!  (925) 689-3333 Sun Valley Macy's.

All right, so I wanted to dedicate an entire blog to this wonderful product that really can be life-changing.  Especially for those who are concerned with: dryness, rough-ness, and saggi-ness (hahaha are those words?!).  This product is Nivea Body Skin Firming Lotion Q10 Plus.  I have been using this product for almost 10 years now and my skin thanks me for this!  This body lotion is creamy and lightweight and ultra moisturizing.  When I bought this product I wasn't looking for a firming body lotion, but guessed I could give it a shot.  Shortly after using it daily (~2 weeks) my skin was 100% different.  It made my skin soft beyond soft, smooth, and even.  I wouldn't describe my skin as being "firm", but rather to comment on what I think this product is targeting, my skin does not look its age!  =P  Plus, my husband still can't get enough of how soft my skin is!  This lotion is on sale this week at Target, so I suggest you pick some up and try it for yourself.  One bottle lasts a long time ~3 months.  Or if you want to go for the value size, I bought mine at Costco and it's been going strong for the past 9 months so far...

Just wanted to also share my exfoliating routine with you too...  When I shower, I prefer washing with a washcloth and soap (Oil of Olay Body Quench.  I freakin' love this bar soap!  Try it out too!)  and then I exfoliate with a mesh body sponge with body wash.  I do the exoliating step as often as every to every other shower 'cause sometimes I'm lazy, hee-hee.  I believe this routine followed by the Nivea lotion both contribute to my soft skin.  (Sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging.  I'm just really, really pleased with these products.)

If you already use these products or try them after reading this post, please share your thoughts with me!  Thanks!

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