Monday, July 25, 2011 BUH-BUYS! I know my shopping cart is full!

Hey guys!  I just wanted to inform you that is having a huge sale on their site and the items I am so excited about are their [old-style] brushes.  Their brushes are 50% off and such a great deal!  I believe they are being discontinued because they have newer brushes out now, but the old ones are still really good, high-quality brushes!  If you check on, these brushes are actually still full price, so...  I recommend you start your shopping on in the "BUH-BUYS" section!  Happy shopping!

#1 Recommendation: Hard Angle Brush $8- As Liza put it, "You can never have too many hard angle brushes!"  =)  Beauty Mark: A

#2 Recommendation: Lip Gloss $13- They aren't 50% off (they're actually 28% off), but still a great deal!  I love these glosses because they are nice wearing and non-sticky.  My favorite color is: I'm with the band.  Beauty Mark: A

#3 Recommendation: Lip Liners $10- Although I've never tried these liners, I have 2 of their old-style liners and they are amongst my favorite!  Definitely worth trying at $10!  Beauty Mark: A+ (if they're similar to the old ones.)

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