Monday, July 4, 2011

MAC "Dittos" for Urban Decay NAKED Palette!

Hello lovlies!  You do not understand how excited I am to bring you this posting!  But first let me start off by saying...  HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!  =)  Hope you're all having a fun and safe holiday so far!  =)

OK, so for the longest time I have been fantasizing/contemplating about buying the Urban Decay Naked Palette ($48) because of all the raves and reviews I have heard on YouTube, but I held off for a couple of reasons...  First, I'm not that big into neutrals & browns and $48 is A LOT of money.  Mostly though, I held off because it is always so hard for me to stray from MAC eye shadows, which I feel are the best on the market.  With that said, I came up with this idea to create my very own "NAKED Palette" using MAC eye shadows and I finally had time to do this today!  (Oh and just a side note, I'll be using the term "ditto" for an item that is similar, identical, or duplicate, just 'cause I think it's cute!)  So, first I'm going to share with you pics of both palettes, swatches, and then the listing of each color so that  if you're like me and have a ton of MAC shadows, you can pull them out and do the same!

Urban Decay Naked Palette
MAC "Dittos" for NAKED Palette
UD NAKED Palette Swatches
MAC Dittos Swatches (Gosh, my arm looks fat!  Bad angle, I guess...)
Dittos:  (UD listed first, then MAC)
Virgin = Chill
Sin = Crystal Avalanche
Naked = Symmetry
Sidecar = Phloof!
Buck = Cork
Half Baked = Goldmine
Smog = Bronze
Darkhorse = Smut
Toasted = Wood-Winked
Hustle = Charcoal Brown
Creep = Carbon
Gunmetal = Waft

Again, I cannot tell you how happy I am to have put this ditto together for you and for myself!  Now, I seriously don't have the urge to go out and buy the NAKED palette and I will consider myself $48 richer, hahaha!  Thinking about doing an eye look with these colors right now and if I do, I'll post pics!  Hope you enjoyed this post and have a wonderful night!  Love you guys!


  1. I LOVE the UD Naked palette! But that's cuz I absolutely love neutrals and gold tones =). And they're really good eye shadows too

  2. @Lily- I totally feel you, I know it is a really good palette with high quality shadows, and it's actually a better buy than creating your own with MAC pro palettes. For me though, I just didn't want to buy a palette with colors that look like ones I already own. Plus, it was really fun trying to duplicate the colors. Can you post some pics of you wearing the shadows? We'd all love to see them on you!